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About me

Hi my name is Marisa and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Wellbeing Business and Lifestyle Coach. I have always enjoyed helping people and have been privileged to meet and work with many different people over the years. My employment has always been within customer focused roles; It felt only natural to pursue it on a much more personal level and guide people in a far more effective way. My intuitive nature has always led me in a mind body (spiritual) direction and I have discovered so many loving and helpful ways to make my life flow! I practice meditation, I enjoy yoga (meditation in motion), practice Reiki on a regular basis; have a love of learning and try to make everyday count. My goal is to coach people with the knowledge to step forward, value themselves and become their happiest  fulfilled self. 

EMPOWER yourself today and call or email me now and experience a new and happier way of being.

Professionally, I started out by studying a Diploma in Body Massage; Facials, Reiki and making natural cosmetics. I now have a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and I have found the harmony between spiritual and clinical allows me to use my skills in a more compassionate way.

I am able to work with adults, teens and children and find my treatments to be very successful! My natural and relaxed healing approach allows a gentle transition of releasing old unwanted thinking patterns and re-programmes them with positivity and self confidence, using hypnosis, and other tools such as Reiki , meditation allowing the client to rejuvenate the quality of their life and Just Be!

My goal is to assist people in achieving a Happy Joyful Life; allow yourself to step into a new way of being and I will guide, coach and support you towards the very goals that you seek now.

Hypnosis explained...

Hypnosis is a daydream like state, one that you have probably experienced many times in your life! It’s that moment when your mind glides away and then returns to it's present state almost as quickly as it started. 

Whatever the issue that needs reprogramming, it is always and only ever with the agreement of the client. It is you who is in complete control and if you choose to return from your dream like state, you can do so!

The beauty of hypnosis is it allows you to find a deep sense of relaxation and calmness, whilst the unconscious mind takes on new and positive thoughts and starts to make changes. These new and positive suggestions are woven in between the old thought patterns, breaking them down and swirling them around. thus allowing you to perceive them in a new way, planting new positive thoughts. It is just like planting new seeds which create new growth.

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